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How COVID-19 Put Sustainability Top-of-Mind

A Silver Lining to Covid-19.

Sustainability & Kids Safety

The impact of the pandemic on how we think and live is likely to be wide-ranging and last far beyond the worst of the health crisis. 

Covid-19 brought life as we know it to a stop. With normal life disrupted and lockdowns in place, many people took a step back and reflected on their lives. A common takeaway from this introspection was that our individual lives impact, and are greatly impacted by, the broader world in which we live. And with that, a focus on sustainability was brought to the forefront as people recognized their dependency on the environment around them. 

Keeping Kids Clothes Sustainable

Studies show that people have become more concerned about sustainability in the wake of Covid-19. One study found that 60 percent of people claim to be making more environmentally friendly, sustainable, or ethical purchases since the start of the pandemic, and the vast majority expect those behaviors will continue in the future. Another global study found that three in five people think it is important for companies to behave in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Further, 85% of Americans have been thinking about sustainability the same amount or more during the pandemic. 

Despite the motivation to live more sustainably, people aren’t always sure where to start. Making sense of what products and services are genuinely eco-friendly can be challenging. And most people, understandably, aren’t willing to choose sustainable options at the expense of convenience or affordability. 

At Bounce Mkt, we’re committed to making sustainable shopping an easy choice. We’re changing the experience of secondhand to make finding used kids’ clothing you love and trust an effortless and enjoyable experience.

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