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How to Shop Second-Hand for Children’s Clothes - Without the Hassle

Shopping secondhand, rather than only buying new clothes, for kids is great for the environment, as well as your wallet. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to a big hassle.

For many, shopping second-hand is associated with more work than buying new. It can feel like you need to jump through lots of hoops to find quality items that you can trust are in great condition and good for your little ones. And for busy parents, the extra time can (very understandably!) not seem worth it.

But second-hand shopping doesn’t need to be lots of work. Here are our tips for shopping second-hand for kids’ clothes and shoes with ease:

  • Look for everyday classics: Secondhand is great for finding staples for kids’ wardrobes that work on the playground, in the classroom, and everywhere in between. Our favorite pieces to snag from resale and consignment shops are those that work for multiple occasions, such as sweaters, casual dresses, outerwear, and jeans, that are in styles that can easily mix and match.
  • Consider online resale shops: For those who do most of their clothing shopping online, check out online resale stores as alternative to buying new directly from children's clothing brands’ websites. Shopping online is certainly convenient, and the good news is that there are more options than ever for buying kids’ clothes online. Many sites allow you to search by size, brand, and condition so that finding what you need is quick and easy.
  • Start with brands you know: When you're first starting out buying second-hand, it can be easier to begin by looking for children's clothing brands that you are already familiar with. While you can score some amazing finds by being open to new brands, including getting great deals on designer items, sticking with what you know can be an easy shortcut for second-hand shopping. 
  • Inspect each item: If you’re shopping in-person, be sure to give each item a careful check for condition. If shopping online, look at photos (both back and front) of every item and read descriptions that specify condition and any noticeable signs of wear so that you know exactly what it is that you're buying. 
  • Shop resale shops that offer returns: Let’s face it, kids’ clothing sizes are a bit crazy; you can hold up two items in the same “size” from different brands just to find that they have wildly different measurements in practice. So, we always prefer to shop from places that have a return policy.

Shopping second-hand doesn't need to be a lot of work; it is an easy step that we can all take to reduce our environmental footprint.